It’s hard to believe that this marks the third edition of our yearly publication, Big Tips for ETF Issuers. Since the inaugural issue was published in January of 2016, the ETF space has undoubtedly matured, but it still retains the same innovative, entrepreneurial spirit that reliably produces groundbreaking, inventive investment products year after year. That dynamism has contributed to ballooning AUM growth in ETFs year after year, but has also created an increasingly competitive, crowded marketplace, where issuers may struggle to stand out from the clutter, gain traction with investors, and ultimately achieve healthy, profitable ETFs.

A competitive market does not mean an impossible one: there are still many paths to success for ETF issuers, new entrants and established players alike, if they’re willing to put in the work and make thoughtful, informed decisions. To that end, we’ve assembled contributions from industry insiders throughout the ETF ecosystem, from indexing experts to listing exchanges gurus, compliance professionals, marketing mavens, advertising buffs, and so much more.

It is our sincere hope that the following pages spur thought-provoking conversations, fill in some gaps in knowledge, and help provide a starting point for ETF issuers as they evaluate their needs in 2018. Here’s to what’s next.


Great ETFs Start with Great Indexes

FTSE Russell

A View from North of the Border: the Canadian ETF Industry

Toronto Stock Exchange

Three Trends That Will Drive ETF Assets To New Records In 2018

Inside ETFs

Crafting a Successful Digital Ad Campaign

Orbis Marketing, Inc.

Common Myths About ETF Exchanges Debunked

New York Stock Exchange

ETF Compliance and Legal FAQs: the Top 5

K&L Gates LLP

Harnessing the Power of Narratives for Effective ETF Marketing

Arro Financial Communications

Yes, Index Portfolio Managers Add Value - Common Misconceptions on index portfolio management

ETF Global

AUM: Captive, Captured or Both?

U.S. Bancorp Fund Services, LLC

How To Hire an ETF Superstar

Jobs in ETFs

ETFs in the US are About to Turn 25 Years Old: Understanding Today’s ETF Landscape and Flows


The 3 Biggest Challenges Selling New ETFs to Advisors

Tidal Growth Consultants, a division of Toroso Investments

The Illustrated Interview: Millennial Financial Advisor

Bone Fide Wealth, LLC


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