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It's no secret that the ETF marketplace has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. However, as the marketplace has expanded, the competition for AUM has grown ever more intense in an increasingly crowded landscape. In spite of these challenges, there is still ample room for inventive, innovative ETFs to make their mark and gather assets.

In the following pages, experts on indexing, research, marketing and PR, trading, legal, listings, sales, and advertising offer their biggest tips for new issuers, garnered from their years of experience in the worlds of ETFs and finance.

This guide is intended to provide a broad overview of the important items new issuers should be thinking about as they move from concept, to messaging, to launch day, gathering AUM, and beyond. It is our sincere hope that the insights in the next few pages will help spark important conversations as you evaluate your firm’s goals in the coming year.

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pg 2 Toroso Investments

A Better Approach to ETF Sales and Distribution

pg 4 INDXX

Indexing Fundamentals: Key Questions and Considerations


Marketing & PR Do's and Don’ts for ETF Issuers

pg 8 WallachBeth Capital

Growing Healthy ETF Liquidity From Day One: A Primer

pg 10 Orbis Marketing

Online Advertising: Reaching the Right Investors for your New Fund

pg 12 ETF Trends

Connecting With ETF Centric Advisors

pg 14 AltaVista Research

Differentiating ETFs in a Crowded Marketplace: The Importance of Research and Analysis

pg 16 S-Network Global Indexes, Inc.

Attracting a Younger Audience to Your Burgeoning Fund: An ESG Perspective

pg 18 K&L Gates

ETFs & Regulations:A Survey Of Frequently Asked Questions

pg 20 The New York Stock Exchange

Choosing The Right Listing Partner: A Recipe For ETF Launch Success


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