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At the dawn of a new decade, it feels appropriate to take a look back at where the ETF industry has been, and what might be in store in the years ahead. When we published the inaugural issue of Big Tips for ETF Issuers in January of 2016, the total number of ETFs in the U.S. stood at 1,570, with some $2.06 trillion in assets under management. Fast forward to today, and it’s clear that ETFs have been on something of a tear: as of press time (November 2019) there are 2,097 ETFs boasting a combined AUM of an incredible $4.18 trillion—more than double the AUM of four short years ago. ¹

If we’ve learned anything as the ETF marketplace continues to grow, consolidate, and expand, it’s that there are many paths to success, for both new entrants and established players alike, if they’re willing to put in the work, stay the course, and make thoughtful, informed business decisions.

We sincerely hope that the following pages can serve as a helpful starting point for ETF issuers evaluating their needs for 2020 by spurring thoughtful conversations, filling in gaps in knowledge, and boosting awareness of previously unappreciated areas of focus.

Here’s to what’s next!

—The Team at Arro Financial Communications

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